Central Intelligence Audiovisual are the best choice for quality supply, installation and service of residential audio visual equipment, home automation, entertainment technology and audio visual installation services. We offer everything for the residential customer from basic home theatre component integration right through to complete design and installation of systems into new homes where full multi room control and precision high end amplifiers and speakers that offer mind blowing audio and cinematic experiences for the discerning home user.

The design of any residential audio visual system is crucial in making sure your system performs to your needs and our experienced staff can make sure you make the right choices and that your install is perfectly suited to your new home, and it’s layout. We can work with your architect or builder to make sure that everything will work correctly before any cables are laid and any walls are put up and believe that getting involved as early as possible, will lead to a better end result for our customers.


Central Intelligence Audiovisual can can help diagnose any problems you are having and get things working properly again. From a simple TV and a surround system in the lounge, to a full multi room automated home cinema experience with bespoke speakers, subwoofers & amplifiers. Advancements in streaming media, means you now have the freedom to watch or listen to what you want, and when you want. Find your favourite songs, discover new artists and showcase beautiful cover art, as well as artist and track information on your smartphone, touch screen or TV.

We can provide a dedicated home theatre or media room where you can enjoy sound and picture quality in your own home or install outdoor audio visual system so you can entertain guests. Music can be stored centrally on an iTunes library, CD collection or hard drive or it can be streamed in real time from any wireless device such as an iPhone or from the radio, Spotify, Pandora or any other streaming services.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a personalised service and provide the support when necessary to ensure our installations deliver results for our clients and ensure your system performs for years to come.

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"Technology shouldn’t hinder productivity — It should integrate and support it.
Let us design and install a custom audio visual solution that suits your requirements."

Residential Audio Visual Home Theatre


Central Intelligence Audiovisual can design, install, & setup a home theatre installation for your new home with any size or budget in mind. From a basic LED flat screen TV with speakers and surround sound system, to a full custom home theatre experience with HD projector and bespoke speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.

We offer a range of products including ranges from well known suppliers like Denon, Bowers & Wilkins, Sennheiser, Marantz & much more. We can supply a range of different viewing systems such as projectors and LED TVs from the best brands including the latest 4K and 3D LED and oLED models.

We have carefully considered each brand and product's performance, ease of use, reliability and overall value for money. We can supply your audio visual equipment, or install your own components and can provide cabinets and racks for various equipment where necessary.

Residential Audio Visual Home Streaming


Gone are the days of having to travel down to your local video store to rent a movie or DVD. Selecting a movie from your own library is even becoming obsolete. These days there are new options available and this technology is being embraced by people young and old. The advent of online storage & internet media streaming services such as Spotify, Apple TV, Lightbox & Netflix has revolutionised the way we access & view media.

Central Intelligence Audiovisual can design and install a system using home streaming services that you can select from a virtually unlimited supply of movies, music & TV shows to watch whatever you want, whenever you want and all from the comfort of your own lounge.

Collate your own library of movies, music & TV shows to watch at a later time if you like. All this can be stored & accessed on a very easy to use system.

Heos Wireless Audio


The music you've always loved is new again with the incomparable sound quality of HEOS wireless home speakers. And, with almost endless sources for new music--online and streaming--you’ll discover plenty of new faves to enjoy on your wireless home stereo system. Lose yourself in the music. Again and again.

The free HEOS app instantly gives you multi room audio control, and it can be installed on as many phones and tablets as you like. Command music in every room from any device. Use your multi-room audio system to group several rooms together and play the same song perfectly synchronized in party mode or, play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.

With HEOS, you have all the options you need and all the access you want. Stream music from your favorite cloud sources like Spotify, Rhapsody, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, TIDAL, SoundCloud and Amazon Music. Plus, listen to tracks directly from your phone, tablet or USB drive.

Residential Audio Visual HD Distribution


Want to Distribute High definition video, or maybe audio and video? We can install a range of HD distribution systems from the worlds leading manufacturers so you can take full advantage of multi room entertainment. HD distribution is installed as the backbone for delivering a true multi room audio visual entertainment system throughout the house from your own choice of home audio or audio & video options available.

Get the best quality picture and sound possible from all your HDTVs with uncompressed full HD 1080p video and audio, in pixel perfect original quality, just like the director intended. Also capable of 3D and higher definition than full HD 4K resolutions. HD distribution systems are custom designed to allow you to select individual TV’s SKY Sport channels for each TV and a well designed HD TV distribution system enables our clients and their guests to be fully immersed in the viewing experience.

These systems are common in cafes, bars & restaurants with multiple large screen TV’s for viewing multi SKY sports channels, as well as home and retail environments.